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  • Single system expending ( not cascading) can achieve up to 1024 inputs,Full cross-point switching;
  • Fully supports alarm linkage function of Security industry
  • PTZ control
  • Multi-level cascading
  • Multi-level authorization managing function.
  • Modular structure, flexible composition to match different practice. realible running, easy maintenance, thoroughly solves the bottle neck of signal quality and production capacity of large scale matrix
  • The system adopts industrial grade high performance ARM9 embedded control system ,support WEB network management and net-client software. Support more than 3 levels cascading control on ethernet
  • Support Plug & play, each chassis furnishes external power supply and dual control system, The matrix has many kind of serial control interface,support field flyback switching,support RJ45 ethernet control interface
  • The system supports RIUP (Removal and insertion under power). To maintain or upgrade doesn’t require replacement of complete matrix, or change of wiring, just replace the concerned module. It greatly facilitates fault diagnosis,maintaince or expending

Part Number

MS-HDSDI Series HD SDI Matrix



Digital video input
Input signal HD-SDI HD serial digital video
Rate 19.4mbps-1.5Gbps, 3Gpbps selectable
Signal amplitude   800mV±10%
equilibrium 100m Belden1694AHD SDI

800m Belden 8281A SD SDI

Impedance 75ohm
Digital video output
Impedance 75Ω
Signal Amplitude 800 ±10%mV
measure signal p-pv @ direct jumper and output end 75Ω resistive load.
Impedance 75Ω
DC Bias 0.0 V+/- 0.5V DCBias measured guiding on signal
amplitude midpoint
Rise/Fall time 0.6ns ±100ps
Time recovery Output automatic match
Overshoot <5% GB3659
Jitter ±0.2UI Measure the variation signal
Communication port UTP *1, RS422*3
Protocol  RS422:9600bps,8bit data,1 stop bit, no parity bit
connection 4x RJ45
software Based BS
Single unit
 288×288 Full
cross point
Maximum input  When output less
than 288ch, input can extend no-limit, to have full crossing.
voltage 100-240VAC,
Power 100-320w
Chassis size  8U, 14U,23U
Weight  35kgs full load
Video loss alarm
 Cooperate with
CPU cabinet to detect input video loss and have local display (re-develop)
Working temperature  0~45℃ non-condensing
Working humidity 90%RH  non condensating
Mean time between failure 30000 hours
Structure  Standard 19 inch