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  • Support various video input port: YPbPr (RCA), VGA, DVI, HDMI, CVBS, SDI port.
  • Input resolution: 1920×1080@60p, 3Gbps, maximum bandwidth 165MHz.
  • Output port is DVI/HDMI, 165MHz bandwidth for TMDS.
  • Support FHD H.264 network data stream, to support standard RTSP protocol, Up ro 256ch video streams simulataneously decode, up to support main profile(1920×1080@30p) decode.
  • Out Support video splitting and slicing (max. 64 channels), zoom-in, zoom-out, superposition, etc. support image brightness, contrast adjustment.
  • Support image transparent superimposition, 256 level transparence, 4 layer.
  • Support character(ASCII +GB2312/18030) superimposition to anywhere of video output, color 8bit(256) level transparence.
  • Support multiple management port, Ethernet, RS485, RS422.
  • Graphics mode to configure and manage, to maximize the system management, easy for operation and maintenance.
  • Support keyboard operation and computer management.
  • Support video and audio synchronous switch by adding audio matrix switcher.
  • Special software or user SDK for second development, easy to integrate with other platform.

Part Number

HMS-A Hybrid HD Matrix



Analog video
Connection BNC-DB44
Input signal 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω
Format PAL/NTSC/SECAM adaptive
Video in one board 32ch video input in every board, up to 15 video boards
Maximum 480ch
IP Video
Encode H.264/MPEG4
Transmission Streaming RTP
Stream Ratio 2-8Mbps/channel
Resolution Up to 1920×1080@30p, backward compatible
Video in single board 4ch video per board, up to 16ch board
Maximum Up to 64ch input
Format VGA/DVI/HDMI auto identification, or YPbPr
Resolution Up to 1600×1200@60p, backward compatible
Video in single board 4ch video per board, up to 16ch board
Maximum Up to 64ch input
Video Output
Output Port DVI
Resolution Up to 1600×1200@60p, 1920×1080@60p, backward compatible
Screen Support Every single board to support 4 screen, up to 16 board, to have 64 screen display maximum, to support DLP/LCD splicing
Matrix switch
IP high definition exchange High-speed digital backboard exchange+IP exchange
Non-IP high definition matrix exchange High-speed digital backboard exchange, 60ch input or 16ch output
Standard definition matrix exchange High-speed digital backboard exchange, 480ch input or 60ch output
Display Screen Control
Splicing Any 8ch HD of input or equal 64ch SD video can roam and splice on screen
Video superimposition composite To support background Highest definition still image display. Roaming image can superimpose on other video by any transparence
OSD superimposition To support 256 color OSD full screen superimposition, can display channel and alarm etc. information
Mode Input/output cascade, to have multiple system cascade
Backboard bus
Type High speed bus
Slot 17 slot (1 MCU Control board )
Exchange volume 28Gbps
Backboard volume 384Gbps
External port & others
Network port RJ45×1
USB 1,for system maintenance
RS-232 Serial control
Alarm input/output RJ45
RS-485 RJ45×4, for PTZ or keyboard control
Audio External audio matrix unit
SD card MCU board with SD card storage log
Keyboard Standard keyboard
Power supply DC-24V, Redundant hot backup
Consumption <800W, 17 slot is full
Working temperature 0-55℃
Working humidity <90% non-condensation
Matrix bay Standard 19inch 12U bay
Dimension 482mm (width)×366mm(depth)×532.6mm(height)
Weight <50KG