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Training & Certification

Training & Certification

Aventura training programs consist of multiple levels:

  • Aventura Certified Systems Professional
  • Aventura Certified Advanced Professional (Prerequisite: ACSP)
  • Aventura Certified Systems Engineer (Prerequisite: ACSP, ACAP, minimum 2 verified successful Aventura basic installations)
  • Aventura Certified Enterprise Engineer (Prerequisite: ACSP, ACAP, ACSE, minimum 5 verified successful Aventura installations with at least 1 advanced)

Aventura Certified Systems Professional

This one-day course offers the attendee a general understanding of the Aventura Scanners hardware and software solutions. The course covers:

  • General education on Matrix Switching technology, how it all works, technological capabilities and the overall market
  • Architecting switching systems for “real world” commercial environments
  • Aventura system knowledge and product configuration

Aventura Certified Advanced Professional

This three-day course exposes the attendee to sophisticated switching applications, which cover advanced solutions. The course covers:

  • Education in matrix switching technologies
  • Architecting matrix systems for “real world” advanced environments
  • Aventura systems knowledge and product configuration
  • Architectural design addressing third party device interoperability
  • Managing and administration of a complex switching system
  • Implementation of best practices and training methodologies
  • Writing a specifications document for procurement

Aventura Certified Systems Engineer

This three-day course offers the attendee the ability to service and maintain Aventura basic switching equipment warrantied hardware and software and complete repairs. The course covers:

  • Advanced education on matrix switching technology and technological capabilities
  • Aventura matrix switcher product knowledge and configuration
  • Integration/design architecture and hardware connectivity
  • Troubleshooting hardware/software and maintenance
  • Networking and system configuration

Aventura Certified Enterprise Engineer

This five-day course offers the attendee the ability to service, maintain, modify and repair many of the Aventura Matrix Switchers warrantied hardware and software solutions. The course covers:

  • Advanced education on matrix switching technology, technological capabilities, competitive solutions and product differences
  • Aventura switcher hardware/software knowledge and product configuration
  • Integration/design architecture and hardware connectivity for enterprise
  • Troubleshooting, repairs and replacement of hardware/software and maintenance
  • Networking and system configuration for enterprise
  • Advanced systems integration
  • Engineering systems and testing procedures
  • Networking and system configuration
  • Custom application development

Custom Certification

Aventura can customize training and certification programs to customer requirements. Such programs may address specific technological education on Aventura products or may provide a concentration on general education.

Training Location

Training courses may be conducted on-site or at an Aventura regional office. Many programs may be offered as a webinar when hands-on training is not required.

Certification & Accreditation

Certificates are issued by Aventura upon successful completion of the courses and are valid for a one (1) year term from the date as listed on the Official Certificate subject to other terms and conditions. Annual Recertification is required for Certificate Holder to maintain an active and valid status. If the Certificate Holder has not demonstrated their ability to successfully apply their knowledge to an actual Aventura systems integration during the Certification Period, Aventura may unilaterally invalidate said certification without notice. Certificates are not transferable and issued to the individual and only valid at their Sponsoring Organization (“Employer”) of record at the time of certification. For Certificates to remain valid the Sponsoring Organization must be an authorized dealer in good standing. To confirm the status of an Aventura Certificate Holder and their Sponsoring Organization please contact your local Aventura Sales Engineer who may supply an official confirmation letter.